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Cotswold artist Rachel Vynne taking commissions for paintings of children and pets animals; dogs, cats, horses. Also selling original award winning oil paintings and limited edition prints. Based near Highgrove, Tetbury, Gloucestershire. Regularly exhibits in London.

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Course information

Classically trained artist Rachel Vynne welcomes you to a programme of drawing based upon her training in Florence.

Following in the footsteps of many of the great artists since the late 19th century, students will copy from a set of Charles Bargue lithographs. These lithographs were developed to give a student of art a thorough understanding of technique, thereby equipping them with the foundation of excellence in their practice.

Working at their own pace, students of all abilities will complete four lithographs in pencil, each assignment progressively teaching the student how to measure accurately, articulate shapes and create volume.    

Small class sizes.

If you have any further enquiries about the course or to put your name down, please dont hesitate to contact us

level ONE

This introductory drawing will give students the basics of all of the elements to come. 


  • An introduction to accurate measuring.

  • Blocking in a drawing and use of line.

  • Begin to understand the use of lights and darks to create form.

level two

The second drawing will develop the techniques learnt in your stage one drawing, the drawing will be more complex.


  • To reinforce the techniques learnt in stage one.

  • Looking more closely at line weight

  • Beginning to look at and model smaller forms in the lights.

Drawing by Rachel Vynne

Drawing by Rachel Vynne

Level three

By now students will have competent skills and techniques to complete a far more challenging drawing which is on a larger scale and is technically more difficult.


  • Accurate comparative measuring

  • A thorough understanding of modelling the big forms and smaller descriptive forms.

  • Precise articulation and beautiful line work.

Drawing by Student, Stephanie Lynch

Drawing by Student, Stephanie Lynch

Level one Cast

After completing the first stage of the course, students now progress to work from three dimensions using all of the skills learnt previously. This is done working from academic classical casts.


  • Working from three dimensions.

  • Use of the sight size method.

  • Working in charcaol.

Optional line drawing

This exercise intrudes the student to some of the elements of figure drawing.  Using comparative measuring a larger scale drawing will be created which is gestural and lively..


  • The student will learn about the importance of gesture.

  • Measuring accurate proportions.

  • How to use expressive line to create a lively, beautiful drawing.

Location and Dates to be ANNOUNCED, please contact us for further details or to have your name added to the waiting list.