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Cotswold artist Rachel Vynne taking commissions for paintings of children and pets animals; dogs, cats, horses. Also selling original award winning oil paintings and limited edition prints. Based near Highgrove, Tetbury, Gloucestershire. Regularly exhibits in London.


Commission a painting

Whether it is for a gift or for your own home, commissioning a painting is a very special experience. I have tried to simplify the process making it accessible and professional yet friendly

Step 1 - Photographs

Photographs - I would ask you to send lots of photographs, giving us lots to choose from. It is vital that the photograph is of high quality.

Often a child unaware of the camera makes a better photograph for a painting than something posed. It is this type of photograph that offers a reflective, thoughtful moment which can add a narrative effect to the painting. 

Step 2 - Style/Size

Size - The choice of size for the painting is often dictated by wall space! 

The painting I have used to demonstrate the process is 85cm wide x 135cm height , the child is painted full size. 

I also paint to 3/4 size and head/torso.


Step 3 - Composition

Once the photograph and style/size have been chosen the composition is designed.  This is then presented to you and confirmed....painting begins!  

2/3 Life size - 85 x 70cm

Life size - 135 x 80cm

Head and torso - 45 x 45cm




Extras - It is possible to have additional extras in the painting such as a special toy or highly patterned clothing.

With prices to be quoted on an individual basis.

Terms and Conditions;

  • Prices begin at £800.00

  • Extras include; favourite toys and heavily patterned clothing as examples

  • upon composition agreement a non refundable deposit of 50% of the final price will be required

  • Framing is not included however I have an excellent framer and would be more than happy to arrange framing separately for you.

  • Shipping to be arranged on a individual basis.